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Troubleshoot cookies

The customization features on timeanddate.com depends on cookies to store your information. Cookies are small files that are stored on your own computer, not on timeanddate.com. If the file or files that stores your cookies are either cleared, deleted or corrupted, your current settings on timeanddate.com will be lost. To prevent this from happening please alter the cookie settings in your browser. Please click the links below to see how to change the cookie settings in your browser.

You can also open a free user account to save your settings

Browser-specific assistance

What to do when settings work initially, but are later lost

Often the settings work fine once they have been set, but stop working during the next visit. Sometimes the settings are also lost after several days or weeks.

Settings are lost after the browser is closed

If the settings are lost after the browser is closed, they are probably only saved as so-called session or temporary cookies. Please look at the browser-specific assistance above.

Settings are lost after a while

If your settings are working fine for a while but are suddenly lost, you must set your configuration again (see browser-specific assistance above).

Recovering your Personal World Clock settings

If the settings for your Personal World Clock are repeatedly lost, there is a way to simplify the recovery process: once you have saved your Personal World Clock, please click on “Share / Make link to your clock” underneath the clock. Then save that page to your favourites/bookmarks. If the setting are lost later, you can access your Personal World Clock using this bookmark.

Using the site without cookies

If you do not have cookie support at all, the personalization and customization features will not work for you. However, all content on the site will still be available. In the future, there will be an addition to the Personal World Clock to make it work without cookie support.

Register to avoid losing settings

Another option to avoid losing your settings is to open a free user account. That way your settings are stored with us and restored every time you log in.


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