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October 10, 2010 - 10/10/10 Explained

The numerical form of a calendar date can create confusion when used in international correspondence, especially when the year is abbreviated into two digits. The numerical form of October 10, 2010 will be the same for all areas that read calendar dates by month/day such as in the United States, or day/month such as in Europe.

At the start of the new millennium, specific dates have become more popular and significant, especially as a day to get married. The abbreviated date of 10/10/10 or October 10, 2010 is believed to have more than just a meaning as a day to get married. There are other great significances to this date that can be somewhat surprising.

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The calendar date of October 10, 2010 is believed to hold some significance because it has a numerical abbreviation of 10/10/10. We will have to wait another hundred years to write the date like this.

10/10/10 Significance

The date of October 10, 2010 (10/10/10) has become a widely popular date to get married because it only consists of the number ten. It is even more significant that the date 10/10/10 at 10:10am (10:10) or 10:10pm (22:10) to be a very lucky time. One reason for this comes from the story of George Inmad who had been deaf since birth. On 10/10/1910 at 10:10pm (22:10) he suddenly was able to hear with no explanation from the doctors. It was a medical mystery and the only conclusion they had was that he was very lucky. From then on, it is believed that you will have good luck if you touch your ears at 10:10am or pm.

Many organizations are using the ease of remembering this date of 10/10/10 to host large events so that people will associate the date to the event. The psychology of the number ten seems to give people a nice and comfortable feeling where many use the number ten as a reference or limit such as Top Ten lists.

Coincidence or Prophecy?

There are many coincidences and prophecies that are involved with the date of October 10, 2010. In mathematics, the date of 10/10/10 or 101010 is divisible by the number of days in a week, which is seven (7), which is considered to be very lucky. However, the date also appears to have a yin and yang situation where the date is also divisible by the number six (6), which is considered to be very unlucky.

Most predictions and opinions concerning the date of 10/10/10 are based on its mathematical uniqueness as a number. Some believe that on this day something either good or bad has to happen, however there is no scientific or logical basis for this belief. The belief that something good or bad will happen is based solely on faith and/or natural belief because we don’t know what the future entails.

While some believe that something good will happen, there are others who believe that nothing will happen, which is most likely the scenario.  This is not the first day that the date has had this type of sequence or significance. In the past couple of years, we have faced different dates such as June 6, 2006 (6/6/06), which is a very negative number sequence. August 8, 2008 (8/8/08), on the other hand, is a very lucky sequence to the Chinese culture, which is arguably one reason why the Beijing Olympics were opened on that day. However, nothing significant happened on these days to justify this belief, and this will probably also be the case on October 10, 2010.

Global Events on October 10, 2010

Many organizations are taking advantage of the significant date of October 10, 2010 (10/10/10) by creating global events such as the Global Work Party, World Homeless Day and the 10-10-10 Initiative to help create awareness for their cause.

The Global Work Party is a time for people around the world to participate in an event that will help deal with global warming issues in their area. The day will join together thousands of communities to celebrate climate solutions by putting up solar panels, planting trees, cleaning up trash, installing wind turbines, digging community gardens, and more activities that will help deal with global warming issues.

On October 10, 2010, the Netherlands Antilles will be dissolved, with the islands being split up and given a new constitutional status.

World Homeless day hopes to draw attention to the needs of homeless people by making the 10th of the 10th in 2010 to become an international day that provides opportunities for the community to get involved in responding to homelessness.

Whether the date is used to create more significance to its cause or by coincidence, the date of October 10, 2010 (10/10/10) will surely be a date that people find amusing and significant.


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