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How to use the Business Days Calculator

The Business Days Calculator is an extension of our Date to Date Calculator that allows you to exclude weekends or public holidays.

Note: This is a beta version, so it might not run as smoothly as our other Date Calculators. If you find an error, please let us know.

Add or subtract days excluding weekends and public holidays

Setting up a calculation

To make a calculation, please make your selections in the set-up form and click the green button "Calculate duration".

Choosing start and end dates

First define the time span by selecting start and end dates for your calculation. It is possible to use any date in the years 1-3999, although holiday support will have reduced functionality far back in time. You can type the numbers in the boxes, use the drop-down menus that open if you click inside the boxes, or use the calendar pop-up window. To use the current date, please click on the link "Today".

The time span can be up to 50 years in length.

Including or excluding the end date

Tick the box "Include end date in calculation (1 day is added)" if the date selected as end date should be included.

Choosing which days should be counted

The drop-down menus entitled "Days in results" allow you to specify which days should be counted.

If "Exclude" is selected in the first menu, the calculator will count all days except the days specified in the second menu. If "Include only" is selected, it will count only the days specified in the second menu.

Excluding weekend days or public holidays (counting only business days)

To count only business days, select "Exclude" and "Weekends and public holidays". It is also possible to skip only public holidays (select "Exclude"/"Public holidays") or only weekend days (select "Exclude"/"Weekends").

Counting only public holidays and weekend days

To count only public holidays and weekend days (non-working days), select "Include only" and "Weekends and public holidays". It is also possible to count only public holidays (select "Include"/"Public holidays") or only weekend days (select "Include"/"Weekends").

Counting both business days and non-working days

If you do not wish to exclude any days, please select "Exclude"/"No days" or "Include"/"All days". You can also use our Date to Date Calculator.

Reading the results

Once you click the green button, the calculation results are displayed on the same page, underneath the set-up form.

The calculation result is shown on the left-hand side, together with a summary of your search query. The right half provides additional information:

The calendar underneath the yellow box shows an overview of the time frame used in the calculation. It includes the start date (blue), the end date (yellow), and the days skipped (red).

Selecting a country

The Business Days Calculator provides country-specific results for public holidays and weekends (note that the weekend falls on Friday and Saturday in some countries, for example the United Arab Emirates). It accesses timeanddate.com's holiday database to determine which days should be skipped. To select which country's holiday schedule the calculator should use, please either click on "Change country" or, to change the default country throughout the website, follow these steps:

Which holidays are counted?

The tool does not take into account state/provincial holidays. This functionality may be added in a later version.

Note: In some cases, many businesses may be open during a particular public holiday. The calculator will count these days as holidays anyway, so depending on the purpose of the calculation, the result may be misleading.

You use this tool at your own risk.


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