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Date Calculators: What is new?

On June 19, 2013 we upgraded our date calculators to a new design/look as well as added new functionality.

Why was it changed?

The previous design was 8 years old, dating from 2005, with just minor changes. Since then, the web has evolved and we do need to upgrade services from time to time for our website to remain competitive. We also prioritized providing a stable service during the 8 years, which is more than most other sites do.

What was changed?

The forms and the result pages have been changed.

What new functionality is available?

During May and June 2013, we have made two new calculators available; both have been very frequently requested by users:

New Business Days Calculator – Count Workdays

The Business Days Calculator works like our Date to Date Calculator, but allow you to exclude certain days from the counting of days. The default choice is to exclude weekends and public holidays, which means it will calculate the number of business days or workdays between two dates. It also displays a calendar showing a breakdown and details of which days were counted and not.

Business Date Calculator – Add/Subtract Workdays

The Business Date Calculator is like our Date Calculator, but with the ability to add workdays instead of calendar days from the start date. It also supports multiple inputs in the number of days to add or subtract, so you can get multiple answers with just one query.

Is the old version still available?

The old versions are no longer available. Although it would be technically possible for us to have them available, it would be time consuming for us to have multiple versions of the same tools available, as well as confusing for many users. We hope you will get used to the new design quickly and still use our site.

Known errors


Printing some of these pages in older versions of Internet Explorer does not work so well. We hope to fix the problem soon. Meanwhile, the workaround is to use a newer version or another browser like Chrome or Firefox.

Date and time boxes shown twice

Some users have reported that the date and time fields are shown twice. This is not intentional, and we are working on getting this error fixed.

We welcome feedback about the new services

The new design could still be tuned. We do welcome constructive criticism about the new services; please use the feedback link at the bottom of the page you have a comment about.

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