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Mother's Day in France

Quick Facts

Mothers and mother figures are honored with cards, gifts and other acts of kindness on Mothers’ Day in France.

Local names

Fête des MèresFrench
Mother's DayEnglish

Mother's Day 2017

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Mother's Day 2018

Sunday, May 27, 2018
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Mothers’ Day in France is usually on the last Sunday in May, but is moved to the first Sunday of June if it falls on the same day as Whit Sunday/Pentecost. Fathers’ Day is also celebrated in France.

Fresh, home-baked cookies for mom on Mothers' Day.
Fresh, home-baked cookies for mom on Mothers' Day.

Celebrate Mothers' Day

Typical Mothers’ Day presents include flowers, cakes, and chocolates, as well as handmade gifts and handwritten poems. Some families have special dinners either at home or at a restaurant to celebrate the day.

A special family medal, known as the Médaille de la Famille is traditionally given to some parents, including those who have raised several children and some parents whose spouses have been killed. The holiday is also celebrated in other countries worldwide.

Public Life

Mothers’ Day is an observance and not an official public holiday in France.

About Mothers' Day

The origins of Mothers’ Day in France are believed to have stemmed from the Napoleonic era. In 1806, the French emperor announced a special day to recognize mothers of large families. This celebration was revived after World War I for some time. In 1950 a special law was created to dedicate Mothers’ Day as an official tribute to mothers.

About Mother's Day in other countries

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Mother's Day Observances

WeekdayDateYearNameHoliday type
SunMay 271990Mother's DayObservance
SunMay 261991Mother's DayObservance
SunMay 311992Mother's DayObservance
SunJun 61993Mother's DayObservance
SunMay 291994Mother's DayObservance
SunMay 281995Mother's DayObservance
SunJun 21996Mother's DayObservance
SunMay 251997Mother's DayObservance
SunJun 71998Mother's DayObservance
SunMay 301999Mother's DayObservance
SunMay 282000Mother's DayObservance
SunMay 272001Mother's DayObservance
SunMay 262002Mother's DayObservance
SunMay 252003Mother's DayObservance
SunJun 62004Mother's DayObservance
SunMay 292005Mother's DayObservance
SunMay 282006Mother's DayObservance
SunJun 32007Mother's DayObservance
SunMay 252008Mother's DayObservance
SunMay 302010Mother's DayObservance
SunMay 292011Mother's DayObservance
ThuJun 72012Mother's DayObservance
SunMay 262013Mother's DayObservance
SunMay 252014Mother's DayObservance
SunMay 312015Mother's DayObservance
SunMay 292016Mother's DayObservance
SunMay 282017Mother's DayObservance
SunMay 272018Mother's DayObservance
SunMay 262019Mother's DayObservance

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