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Children's Day in Romania

Quick Facts

Children’s Day (Ziua Copilului) is annually celebrated on June 1 in Romania.

Local names

Ziua CopiluluiRomanian
Children's DayEnglish

Children's Day 2017

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Children's Day 2018

Friday, June 1, 2018
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Children’s Day (Ziua Copilului) is a national holiday celebrated in Romania. It is held on June 1 every year.


What Do People Do?

Many schools have special events to celebrate Children’s Day in Romania. Some teachers give out certificates as a way of showing their appreciation for each child on this day. Community events, including art exhibitions displaying children’s work, are held to celebrate Children’s Day. Children’s Day is also promoted through newspapers, blogs, social media, television, and radio journalists in Romania. Some families have special dinners to celebrate Children’s Day at home.

Public Life

Children’s Day is a public holiday in Romania.


Children’s Day is not just an event in Romania, it is also celebrated in many different countries and is an official UN global observance. The Romanian Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Protection held a special Children’s Day celebration in 2012. Nearly 100 elementary and secondary school children who attended the event received a Minister of Children diploma. Parents and grandparents were also at the celebration.

Children’s Day in Romania became a national holiday in 2017.


Children’s paintings and other forms of artwork are often displayed in schools and public places as a way of promoting Children’s Day.

Children's Day Observances

WeekdayDateYearNameHoliday type
FriJun 11990Children's DayObservance
SatJun 11991Children's DayObservance
MonJun 11992Children's DayObservance
TueJun 11993Children's DayObservance
WedJun 11994Children's DayObservance
ThuJun 11995Children's DayObservance
SatJun 11996Children's DayObservance
SunJun 11997Children's DayObservance
MonJun 11998Children's DayObservance
TueJun 11999Children's DayObservance
ThuJun 12000Children's DayObservance
FriJun 12001Children's DayObservance
SatJun 12002Children's DayObservance
SunJun 12003Children's DayObservance
TueJun 12004Children's DayObservance
WedJun 12005Children's DayObservance
ThuJun 12006Children's DayObservance
FriJun 12007Children's DayObservance
SunJun 12008Children's DayObservance
MonJun 12009Children's DayObservance
TueJun 12010Children's DayObservance
WedJun 12011Children's DayObservance
FriJun 12012Children's DayObservance
SatJun 12013Children's DayObservance
SunJun 12014Children's DayObservance
MonJun 12015Children's DayObservance
WedJun 12016Children's DayObservance
ThuJun 12017Children's DayNational holiday
FriJun 12018Children's DayNational holiday
SatJun 12019Children's DayNational holiday
MonJun 12020Children's DayNational holiday

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