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National Tartan Day in United States

Quick Facts

National Tartan Day is annually observed on April 6 to honor the major role that Scottish Americans played in the founding of the United States of America.

Local names

National Tartan DayEnglish
Día Nacional del TartánSpanish
יום TartanHebrew
يوم الترتانArabic
격자 무늬의 날Korean
Nationaler Tartan-TagGerman

National Tartan Day 2017

Thursday, April 6, 2017

National Tartan Day 2018

Friday, April 6, 2018
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National Tartan Day is a US observance on April 6 each year. It commemorates the Scottish Declaration of Independence, from which the American Declaration of Independence was modelled on. It also recognizes achievements of Americans of Scottish descent.

Bagpipe players at a National Tartan Day parade in New York.
Bagpipe players at a National Tartan Day parade in New York.

What Do People Do?

National Tartan Day parades occur in major cities such as New York on or around April 6. These parades often feature bag-pipe bands playing Scottish music and people dressed in kilts with tartan patterns that represent their Scottish clans. Special award events are also held on Tartan Day, often organized by groups such as the American Scottish Foundation.


The Scottish Declaration of Independence was signed on April 6, 1320. The American Declaration of Independence was, in fact, modelled on this particular document. Almost half of the signers of the American Declaration of Independence were of Scottish descent.

The US Senate Resolution on National Tartan Day was passed on March 20, 1998. From that point onward, National Tartan Day was designated as a day for all Americans, particularly those of Scottish descent, on April 6 each year.


Tartan clothing is often worn by Scottish Americans taking part in National Tartan Day.

National Tartan Day Observances

WeekdayDateYearNameHoliday typeWhere it is observed
MonApr 61998National Tartan DayObservance 
TueApr 61999National Tartan DayObservance 
ThuApr 62000National Tartan DayObservance 
FriApr 62001National Tartan DayObservance 
SatApr 62002National Tartan DayObservance 
SunApr 62003National Tartan DayObservance 
TueApr 62004National Tartan DayObservance 
WedApr 62005National Tartan DayObservance 
ThuApr 62006National Tartan DayObservance 
FriApr 62007National Tartan DayObservance 
SunApr 62008National Tartan DayObservance 
MonApr 62009National Tartan DayObservance 
TueApr 62010National Tartan DayObservance 
WedApr 62011National Tartan DayObservance 
FriApr 62012National Tartan DayObservance 
SatApr 62013National Tartan DayObservance 
SunApr 62014National Tartan DayObservance 
MonApr 62015National Tartan DayObservance 
WedApr 62016National Tartan DayObservance 
ThuApr 62017National Tartan DayObservance 
FriApr 62018National Tartan DayObservance 
SatApr 62019National Tartan DayObservance 
MonApr 62020National Tartan DayObservance 

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