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Contact details for www.timeanddate.com

Have you thought about contacting timeanddate.com? Listed below are some methods to contact the site.

Note that support for this site is limited therefore we might not be able to help with special queries.


Email is generally the preferred way of contacting the author of this site. There is a feedback link on every page on this site so please use that link for comments, questions or feedback. You could also use the address

webmaster@timeanddate.com for general queries. About 90 percent of incoming emails are answered within one week, if you have not received a reply within two weeks, please resend the message.


You can contact Time and Date AS at this address. However, email is preferred.

Time and Date AS
PO Box 27 Forus
NO-4064 Stavanger


Fax to: +47 5163 2711


There are currently no phone numbers that can be used for contacting the site because providing phone support would require too much time. Please use email instead, as you are more likely to get an answer via email.