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The World Clock–Time Zones App for iPad

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timeanddate.com’s World Clock is known for its accuracy to show current local times for cities around the world. Now it is available on the Apple iPad and iPhone.

World Clock Gold–Time Zones

World Clock–Time Zones Gold App for iPhone

The World Clock Gold–Time Zones app offers a number of extra features, including an interactive Time Zone Map and Daylight Saving Time (DST) dates for locations around the world. No advertisements are shown in this app.

Like the free World Clock Gold–Time Zones app, the Gold version contains information about local times, UTC-offsets, time zones, and much more for thousands of cities world-wide.

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World Clock–Time Zones

World Clock–Time Zones App for iPhone

The free World Clock–Time Zones app gives iPhone users the ability to find the local time and time zone information for locations around the world.

Select a city to find out its offset from Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), the country’s flag, the country’s time zone name and abbreviation, as well as its offset from your current location.

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Only available in the Gold version:

Available in both versions:

(*) Synchronization and database updates require an Internet Connection. The app will still work offline, but cannot access any possible database changes until it is online again. Synchronization will not update the device clock, only the time shown in the app.

Countries are constantly changing time zones and daylight saving time (DST) schedules. The World Clock-Time Zones app is fully aware of the effects of these changes in all countries and territories and will adjust times based on the reliable and up-to-date databases from timeanddate.com.

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