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Problems with the World Clock —Time Zones App upgrade?

Having problems with the latest upgrade?

Did you remove any features in the last update?

No, quite the opposite! We've added a number of features, including an interactive time zone map. We have moved things around a bit though, so you may have browse a bit to get your bearings.

World Clock–Time Zones GOLD -iPhone World Clock Gold—Time Zones (paid version)
World Clock–Time Zones World Clock—Time Zones (free version with less features, unless upgraded)

If you have both the free version (World Clock—Time Zones) and the paid version (World Clock Gold—Time Zones) and you suddenly see less features you are probably looking at the free version by mistake. Please make sure to open the “Gold” version. It is discernible by the golden rim around the icon.

Is it better to upgrade via the free version or the “Gold” version?

Up to you. Either way you will get the exact same app.

Do I have to pay again to remove the ads?

No. If advertisements suddenly appear in the app again you are probably looking at the free version by mistake (see question “Did you remove any features in the last update?”).

I bought the upgrade on my iPhone. Do I have to pay again to upgrade on my iPad?

No. Just go through the same upgrade process on your iPad. The App Store will remember that you have already paid, and you will not be charged again. Of course, the same is true if you upgraded on your iPad first.

The app does not function properly!

If you are experiencing technical problems with the app please try restarting it first by following these steps:

If the problem persists please let us know about it.