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About the Distance Graph

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Distance graph of air distances from New York City, New York to cities around the world.

Want to know the shortest, most-direct distance between your location and other cities worldwide? Ever wondered how far you are from a city relative to other locations in the same country, continent, latitude or longitude? Our Distance Graph will not only calculate all this for you, but will also present the information in an easy-to-use interactive graph.

Use the Distance Graph to find out:

How to use the Distance Graph

To generate an easy-to-use, interactive Distance Graph, follow these steps:

Interpreting the Graph

Common questions

Why does the distance graph show a location to be in a different direction than my map does?

The distance graph illustrates the shortest, great circle or air distance between any two locations. This means that it shows the shortest distance between any two locations on the Earth as measured by drawing a path along the surface of the Earth. The shortest distance between some cities, especially those closer to the Poles, may be over the Poles.

Maps are distorted projections of the three-dimensional spherical Earth on to a two dimensional plane. Simply put, a map is a flattened version of the globe. Because of this, the direction of a city from a location as shown by the distance graph, which shows the great circle distance, may not be the same as the direction shown by a map.

When I sort the list below the graph by Country, why do I get a list of cities?

This sorting option alphabetically sorts countries (A to Z) and then shows the air distance between your location and the capital city of the country. So, even though the list does not look alphabetically sorted (Algiers after Tirana), it is arranged by country.


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