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What is the Personal World Clock?

The Personal World Clock allows you to select up to 25 of your favorite locations and displays the time at these locations on a separate page. The Personal World Clock is available in two versions, normal and applet. The applet version offers analog clock faces, but requires that Java is enabled on your computer.

The normal version is explained on this page.

User registration recommended

While you can create a Personal World Clock without registration, we recommended that you register and log in to the website. Registering will not only give you access to additional functions, and will also save your settings in case you change to another computer or your browser's cookies are lost.

How do I make my own Personal World Clock?

Share or link to Personal World Clock

Make a shareable version of your Personal Clock by clicking on the "Share / Make link to your clock" link at the bottom of your Personal World Clock page. This link can be bookmarked, added to your web site, or sent to other people. Note that only locations and times will be shared.

Clock accuracy

If you have an up-to-date browser with JavaScript enabled, the clocks will update automatically. Clock times are synchronized with the server, not your system clock. In most cases the clocks will be within one second of the correct time, but in rare cases the difference may be larger.

If your local system clock is altered in any way, the Personal World Clock will be altered by the same amount. Please refresh/reload the page in your web browser to re-synchronize the clocks.


The Personal World Clock shows the wrong time or wrong cities: Press the Reload/Refresh button on your browser. If that does not help, try doing the same while pressing the shift key.

No cities are saved: Your Personal World Clock might be working for weeks, months or years, then suddenly the settings disappear. If you are not registered, your settings are not stored on the timeanddate.com site, but in a file on your computer. If the cookies for timeanddate.com have somehow been deleted, your Personal World Clock settings will be lost and you will need to reconfigure the clock:

Please consider registering so the website can store your settings. Registering also provides additional customization options. If you are registered, but find that you have lost your settings, your session may have expired. Just log in again to retrieve your Personal World Clock.


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