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About Personal World Clock Configuration

Go directly to the Personal World Clock Configuration.

The configuration page looks almost the same in the normal and applet versions. It consists of two lists and a number of additional options:

Available locations

The "Available locations" lists show every location available for use in the Personal World Clock. Scroll down and click on the city name, to select one or more cities in the list. To add the selected cities, then click the "Add selected location(s)" button below the list.

Selected locations

"Selected locations" shows which locations you have chosen to include on your Personal World Clock. You can change the order in which they appear by selecting one location at a time and then clicking "Move Up" or "Move Down" until the order is the way you want it. The "Remove" button will remove the selected cities from the Personal World Clock.

Other options

Show weekday?

An abbreviated day name will be shown before the time, e.g., "Mon" for Monday.

Show time zone abbreviation (EST, PDT, GMT ...)?

If enabled, the current time zone abbreviation will be shown after the time.

Show asterisk (*) for Daylight Saving Time?

Check this box to show an asterisk after the time display ― the default is to select Daylight Saving Time, and the clock has been automatically adjusted for this. You do not need to make any further adjustment.

Show seconds for each city?

Check this box to show seconds for each city. If this is not enabled, seconds will be shown only in the "UTC/GMT" display below the selected locations.


The column drop-down will normally be set to automatic but can be overridden if you prefer a different number of columns. The system will attempt to use the number of columns specified, but may not be able to if there is not enough space.


The Country/State drop-down controls whether the country and/or state name should be displayed on your clock.

Clock type

Clock type is available in the Applet version only.This selection controls the choice of showing either the analog clock face or the digital (text-based) clock

Configure location

This option is available only if you have registered and are logged in.

Select one city in the "Selected locations" list to use the "Configure locations" feature.

Display another name for this location

In the "Display another name for this location" field, you can enter an alternative name for a location. You might specify one now available in the Personal World Clock, e.g., for "New York" you might enter "Manhattan," and this will be the name displayed in the Personal World Clock for this location.

Notes for this location

In the Notes area you can write information such as the names and telephone numbers of people you know in that particular location. This field is limited to 200 characters.

Change time formatting and language

You can also change the language and formatting of the time, but that is done separately in the Site configuration.

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