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Taking Pictures? Share Them with Us

Send us your photos of a featured lunar or solar eclipse or a planet transit, and we may publish them on timeanddate.com.

Older man wearing blue shirt taking picture with camera through a telescope.

Send us your eclipse pictures and videos.


How to Send Photos

Send us your best shots of eclipses and transits by dragging and dropping your image below.

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Use the hashtag #timeanddatelive if you would like us to find your eclipse or transit images and repost them on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.


We at timeanddate.com decide which pictures to publish. Images that are watermarked, or labeled in an interrupting manner, will not be used.

By sending the image, you grant timeanddate.com a non-exclusive right to publish the image on the site or on social media, crediting you as the photographer.

We may also be interested in publishing any images of previous eclipses or transits. We cannot guarantee compensation for the images.

Eclipse User Photo Galleries

Illustration image

User photo from a total lunar eclipse.

Dennis Andersen

How to Take Eclipse Pictures